Located in the Bay Area, Present Perfect Dep't. is a full-service literary agency serving clients across the globe. With a distinctive West Coast sensibility, Present Perfect scouts emerging trends and talent to represent the best in thoughtful, innovative, and design-driven nonfiction that informs and inspires.

Our agents Kate Woodrow and Laura Lee Mattingly have a combined 20 years of experience being editors at major trade publishers. This means they know what editors want and how to pitch them, as well as what goes on behind the scenes. They use this insider’s perspective to help clients hone their book vision, develop visually stunning and compelling proposals, identify their most ideal publisher, and successfully navigate the twists and turns of the publishing process.

The agency works in tandem with a dedicated foreign rights agent and contracts manager to ensure the best deals for their clients. Kate and Laura Lee take care with every aspect of their clients' needs and position them to enjoy long, successful author careers.

Present Perfect is ranked among the top agencies for the lifestyle, art/illustrated, and advice/relationships categories by Publishers Marketplace, and has been featured on numerous podcasts.


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Kate Woodrow, Founder, Agent

I started this agency in 2015 with the goal of advocating for artists in publishing, and I’ve become an industry leader in selling adult nonfiction. I'm looking for visually arresting and thoughtful books that connect readers to their passions, especially: art and design, work, personal growth and wellness, social activism, nature, science, and anything with an instructive or practical bent. I’m looking for diverse voices and perspectives that will expand our thinking within these categories. I also have expertise developing ancillary rights programs alongside my clients' book publishing.

Before becoming an agent, I was an editor at Chronicle Books, where my publishing experience spanned 10 years and hundreds of books and gift products. Bringing that many projects from brainstorm to bookshelf gave me a keen sense of what makes a book commercially successful and how to be a professional collaborator. I have an open mind that appreciates wildly creative ideas, plus a realistic sense of what will fly in the marketplace. I also copyedited the lifestyle magazine Anthology for its 21-issue run and am passionate about art and design.

I am a member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives and I uphold the organization’s canon of ethics.

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Laura Lee Mattingly, Partner, Agent

I’m looking for books that get to the heart of living well, whether the topic is work, health, mindfulness, nature, spirituality, healing, activism, or relationships. Personal transformation is the first step in global transformation, and my passion is developing titles that help readers discover more purpose, joy, and fulfillment in life.

Through my work at Hyperion Books, Random House, HarperCollins, and most recently as a senior editor at Chronicle Books, I’ve had the privilege of editing hundreds of books—including numerous national and New York Times bestsellers—that reflect my passions. I’ve collaborated with wellness experts, podcasters, artists, entrepreneurs, and life coaches to turn their book visions into printed reality.

I am a member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives and I uphold the organization’s canon of ethics.

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